1878 «Dick's Quadrille Call-Book»

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Dick's Quadrille Call-Book, and Ball-Room Prompter. Containing clear directions how to call out the figures of every dance, with the quantity of music necessary for each figure, and simple explanations of all the figures and steps which occur in plain and fancy quadrilles. Also, a plan analysis and description of all the steps employed in the favorite round dances. Fully describing: The Opening March or Polonaise, Various Plain and Fancy Quadrilles, Waltz and Glide Quadrilles, Glide Lancers and Caledonians, Plain Lancers and Caledonias, Saratoga Lancers, The Parisian Varieties, The Prince Imperial Set, Social and Basket Quadrilles, Nine-Pin and Star Quadrilles, Gavotte and Minuet Quadrilles, March and Cheat Quadrilles, Favorite Jigs and Contra Dances, Polka and Polka Redowa, Redowa and Redowa Waltz, Polka Mazourka and Old Style Waltz, Modern Plain Waltz and Glide, Boston Dip and Hop Waltz, Five Step Waltz and Schottische, Varsovienne, and Zulma L'Orientale, Galop and Deux Temps, Esmeralda, Sicilienne, Danish Dance, and Over One Hundered Figures for the «German.» To which is added a sensible guide to etiquette and proper deportment in the ball and assembly room, besides sewenty pages of dance music for the piano.


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New York

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