1870 Reilley «A Practical Treatise on The Art Dancing»

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The Amateur's Vademecum. A Practical Treatise on The Art Dancing, comprising The Ancient and Modern History of Dancing, The Etiquette and Fashions of The Ball Room, The Modes of Conducting Balls, Parties, Soirees, &c.; The Rudiments of Classic and Private Dancing; The Steps and Figures of All Our Most Modern and Approved Dancing; A Complete Glossary of English and French Technicalities, Used in Calling Figures, and A Brief Essay on The Importance of Dancing, as An Amusesement, Accomplishment and Exercise. By E. B. Reilley, Professor of Dancing at the Natatorium, Broad below Wainut, and Ninth and Spring Garden streets, Philadelphia.


E. B. Reilley

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