1858 Howe 'Complete Ball-Room Hand Book'

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Complete Ball-Room Hand Book, containing upwards of including all the latest and fashionable Waltz, Polka, Mazurka, Schottische, Gallopade, Common and Polka Redowa, Quadrilles, Cotillons, Varsovianna, Gorlitza, Madrilainne, Eletezka Espagnole, Two, Three and Five Step Waltz, etc. etc. also Common Waltz and Polka, Contra Dances, May Day, Cristmas, and New Years' Dances. Full explanations, and every variety of the latest and most approved Figures; also Calls for the different Changes, and Rules on the Etiquette of Dancing, etc. Assisted by several eminent professors of dancing. Published by Ditson & Co., Boston, New York and Philadelphia.


Elias Howe

Место издания:

Boston, New York, Philadelphia

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